Teen Boxing Class

Our teens class is designed for teenagers. This class focuses on correct boxing technique including footwork, head movements, blocks, catches and defense.Proper footwork is an integral part of boxing. Fighters must efficiently move around the ring to deliver punches and evade them. The importance of both punching and footwork in boxing improves coordination and balance in children and teens.

Boxing training includes skipping, jogging and pad work. All these activities improve your child’s cardiovascular fitness. Boxers also spend a lot of time strengthening their arms and legs. Youth boxing training often focuses on body weight exercises such as push-ups, crunches and squats. Boxing can help your child get into peak physical shape.

Boxing offers children several mental benefits that they need in their daily lives. Improved physical health and improved performance in training can build your child’s confidence. In addition pad work, punching a speed bag, extreme focus is required. This can translate into better focus in the classroom. This sport also helps youngsters control anger and aggression. Children learn that losing their tempers in the boxing ring is actually counter-productive. When young boxers successfully complete rigorous workouts and matches, they also learn about self-discipline and determination.