What an awesome trip to Whyalla with the Team Turner Family. First up young Mitchell having a rematch with the lad he fought in his first fight, Mitch came out very composed and looked comfortable early and boxed very well losing in a very close fight. Next was Mike putting on an amazing performance out boxing his opponent for the win. Next up was Mohammad, coming out with a clear victory against a lad with a very slick style. 4th up was big Jason, jumped in the ring still feeling a little under the weather but that didn’t stop him from throwing some very big punches and making it a very bloody fight, gassing out in the end but getting a clear victory. Last was Garth, stepping up and taking the challenge against and very skillful lad that has had over 60 fights, a what can I say, i was very happy with Garths resilience and performance, first round was a bit of a trade off with his opponent slickness and speed getting the better of Garth in the first round, second round we changed it up with the jab and I thought he won the second round and the last round just getting out pointed, he didn’t get the win but he should hold his head high in his achievement, he did me, the gym and all his supporters proud. Such a great group of athletes we have really doing the gym proud, all boxers were respectful and all boxers listened the instructions they were given, I’m proud of each and everyone of you guys. Thanks to all supporters that came to Whyalla and showed your support to the boxers, thanks to all our sponsors that help with getting us to these shows and last but not least thanks to Justin and boxing SA for pulling on such a awesome show.

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