About Us

All Started When Michael Was A Lad

Michael Turner, head coach and owner of the gym first started boxing when he was 12 years old. Over the years he won many fights and state titles as a junior boxer and a senior boxer. When Michael was about 25  him and his partner made the decision for him to chuck in his job and start to PT people in boxing as this is where his true passion was. Over the years he got quite popular with many asking when he would start classes which is how the gym came to be…
Established in 2013 originally located in a small shed on Tolley Rd, Michael and his partner, alongside his 2 children opened up with only doing 3 classes per week and slowly introduced more classes as we got busier. We also had our first fighters fight in a show at the end of 2014. We stayed in this gym for just over a year before we had to move to a bigger place. We moved into a larger place located on Smart Rd where we gained a lot of our clients we still have today. We started running more classes and gained a lot of people coming through the gym wanting to learn how to box or for fitness. We then made the decision to move next door into a much bigger gym so we could hold more people and equipment. Over the past years we have had multiple fighters fight for the gym. We have had 5 win state titles in different divisions over the past couple of years along with many other fights in between.
Since being in our new location we have also added trainers and more variety of classes. Our classes include non contact boxing, sparring, ladies class, and also personal training sessions which can be one on one or small groups.

In March 2019 we moved again, into a much better location and a place where we could set the gym up to be utilised by more people as our client base keeps growing. Our new gym consists of a boxing area, 2 rings and a cardio area with more equipment to be added.

Here at Team Turner we have people with little to no experience right through to the more experienced. We are a relaxed friendly, family friendly gym where you can achieve your fitness goals while having fun and learning a new skill.

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